Over the last few years we have seen an increase in the amount of people that purchase balloons online and come in to ask us to fill them. For us as a business this is just not feasible. As we always say to customers would you buy a Frozen Pizza and take it into Pizza Hut and ask them to cook it, but in all seriousness there are some genuine reasons why this is just not for us. Firstly at Its My Party we pride ourselves on only using the best quality balloons on the market. Our balloons very rarely go down and they last longer than any you can buy from the Large Chain stores in the region. Unfortunately the balloons that you can buy on the Internet/Ebay etc can be and more often than not of a poor quality, thats why they are cheap. They are badly made and in some cases lack the CE mark. All the balloons we stock have CE marks and have been tested for the UK market. With the balloons being of a lower quality, in our experience sometimes when the are blown to capacity they burst due to their poor quality. This for us creates an embarrassing moment with the customer as we still have to charge them for the helium as the fault in the balloon is no fault of ours. Obviously if the stock was ours we would replace straight away with no charge but we can’t when the stock is not ours. Secondly, there currently is a Helium Shortage in the world, so having over 1000 balloons in stock we need all the gas we can get for our own balloons.

The concept that people have, that buying balloons online is cheaper more often than not turns out to be wrong. A customer the other day had bought a balloon online and by the time they paid postage had paid over £6.00 for the balloon, they then paid £3.00 for someone to fill it. We sell the same balloon at £8.50 which is 50p cheaper and we would guarantee it if anything went wrong.

So before going down this route please think about the hassle you could create for yourself by going this way. Let us do the work for you and create the balloon arrangements that you are looking for and that will last for ages.